When you sign a rental contract , you pay a three months’ deposit and one month’s prepaid rent + last month’s rent.

You can use the prepaid rent as payment in one of the three months in the period of the notice to vacate, typically the last month of the rental period.

All together, you will have to be able to pay for five months rent when you sign the rental contract.

You pay for heat, water, and electricity directly to the supply companies.

You pay to landlord for the delivering of internet to your  flat/room.

. When moving in, you participate in an occupant’s view and a report on the condition of the apartment is prepared before you get keys to the apartment.

The energy usage meters are being read and you must register with the supply companies yourself.

In the case of any defects in your flat you have 14 days after receiving the keys to report these to the office of administration.

Once you give notice to terminate your tenancy you will receive notice of another examination of the apartment a new report of the condition of the apartment is completed.

The examination of the apartment will take place about 14 days before the end of your rental period. At the inspection, you will have to have moved out and the flat will be refurbished on your expense during the last 14 days of your rental period.

Typically, you will receive the settling of your deposit 8 to 10 weeks after the end of your rental period.

The apartments are “non-smoking” apartments. If you smoke in your apartment in spite of this prohibition, you risk eviction and you should expect to pay and increased amount for refurbishing the apartment upon vacating it. The smoking prohibition also applies to your visitors.