Beneath the building at Kongensgade 67, there is an underground garage in two levels with space for about 60 cars.

You have to enter  to the parking from Klostervej 20.

You can get to the pedestrian street in less than one minute.

Parking equipped with the new Easy Park system. Once the car’s license plate is registered, you do not need to worry about paying at the slot machine anymore. Your payment will be made automatically via the debit card you have registered. You only pay for the time you are using the parking spot.

It is possible to buy a monthly subscription for 24/7 parking 365 days a year.

The parking area is video monitored and you can park safely.

Please contact APCOA PARKING for further information.

You can also rent a private parking spot in the building at Thorsgade 1. The monthly rent is 500 DKK.